How to bid

What is bidding?

Placing a bid simply lets FCHO know you are interested in the advertised property, it doesn't involve any money and you can bid on more than one property.

After a property has been advertised, FCHO will shortlist all those people who have bid based on the rules set out in our Lettings Policy. If you are top of the list, they will contact you to offer you the property (subject to a few checks).

How many properties can I bid for each week?

There is no limit on the number of properties you can bid for, but remember to only bid on those homes you are really interested in.

Can I get help with bidding?

Yes, First Choice Homes have volunteers and staff on hand in their reception to help you place bids.

Drop into their office on Union Street to find out more.

How many offers of housing can I receive?

One reasonable offer is usually provided before your application is reviewed. Continual refusal of properties you have bid for may affect your future housing prospects.

How do I improve my chances of getting a home?

The simplest way to improve your chances is to check MyMove regularly and bid on as many homes as possible that you have a serious interest in.

You need to make sure you log on regularly to see what new vacancies have been advertised that you can bid for. You may find downloading the mobile app useful to help you keep up to date with new vacancies during the week.

Try to be as realistic and flexible about the areas and the types of property that you will consider. Restricting your options will reduce your chances, but remember to only bid on those homes that you know that if offered, you would accept.

Check out the Area Guides page to find other parts of Oldham you might not have considered, some areas such as Failsworth, Shaw, Royton, Saddleworth and Chadderton are really popular but you might find somewhere suitable in neighbouring areas.

How do I know if I have been successful in my bid?

There is no need to contact us to check the progress of your bid. Soon after the advert closing date you will be contacted if you have been successful and made a provisional/conditional offer subject to some pre-tenancy checks. Sometimes properties are very popular so we won't usually get in touch unless you are at the top of the list

You can review your 'bid history' under the ‘view homes’ page on the website and see how many bids have been received for the vacancies you are interested in. This will provide you with information on your prospects of gaining the offer. You can check back later to gain feedback on the outcome of the letting.

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