Understanding offers

How do I get an offer?

We will process all the interested parties to identify who is eligible for an offer. The shortlisting order will depend on how the property has been advertised.

The conditional offer

If you are the first eligible person to have expressed an interest then a conditional offer will be made to you. We will need to carry out a few more checks before you can get the keys to your new home. Checks may include:

• Credit checks
• Affordability assessments
• Landlord/employer references
• Checks on assets such owned properties
• Checks on household composition and current circumstances

If these checks highlight a discrepancy in the information provided by you it could affect your eligibility for the conditional offer.

You may also be asked to undertake other assessments before we can proceed. These may include:

• Completing pre tenancy training
• Engaging with support
• Engaging with employment support

You will usually be given a few days to respond so it is important to respond to a conditional offer quickly otherwise the property may be offered to somebody else.


The confirmed offer

If everything checks out, we will confirm your offer and make arrangements for you to view the property, sign the paperwork and collect the keys to your new home.

First Choice Homes do not require a deposit but you may need to pay some rent up front (usually 2 weeks rent).



If you refuse a property you can still continue to bid indefinitely for our other available properties, however repeat refusals may impact on your chances of securing a property. First Choice Homes may exercise their discretion to suspend accounts or bypass account holders who are known to repeatedly refuse offers of accommodation.

Withdrawal of offers

In some rare cases, First Choice Homes may withdraw an offer. We realise this can be disappointing. Some reasons for offer withdrawal include:
• Customer cannot pay rent up front
• Credit check shows housing related debt
• Existing tenant decides not to move
• Checks indicate that you are no longer eligible for the offer

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